IT Solutions

In common with governments the world over, Thailand’s has been going through a transformation in the methods by which it requires economic actors to engage with government agencies. Nowhere has this been more visible than in the areas of corporate governance, and accounting and tax compliance.

As this development has required automating processes that were often quite complex when paper-based, it has necessitated a simplification and standardisation of those processes to make them better adapted to computerisation and online filing.

It is a stated aim of the Thai government to require businesses to move over exclusively to on-line filings over time, although acknowledging that meeting this goal requires a gradual incremental implementation during the transition period some compliance obligations may still be met using the older paper-based methodologies.

Given that ICR has the necessary human resources in both the technical and professional spheres necessary to implement and induct these new online processes, we can offer bespoke services to preferred clients on a project by project basis.

You are invited to contact us for more information should you have a specific project based IT requirement for further advice.

Our solutions demand quality and consistency, providing the client an essential asset to the business.